Complete Chain- Board Online Registration System

Complete Chain Drs Sytem

Complete Chain is one of the leading companies in providing electronic services in the medical sector (joining the Jordanian board exam). The company is mandated by the Jordanian Medical Council to regulate the association of doctors from outside Jordan to the Jordanian board exam. The company facilitates the procedures of joining the doctor to the exam starting from accepting the documents, follow-up decisions of the scientific committees, provide logistics services, extracting the certificates, and send them to the doctor using the latest electronic programs under the supervision of consultants and technical staff.

An agreement contract was signed between the Jordanian Medical Council and the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Amman on 29/12/2015, where Complete Chain was accredited as a (liaison or link) to serve the Saudi doctors by submitting and receiving documents and applications and paying fees on behalf of the doctors to apply for the Jordanian Board Exam, Residence Exam or Excellence Exam.

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What We Did

Complete Chain has worked on launching and developing the electronic registration system under the supervision of a highly qualified IT team and optimized the system with its high technology and ability to accommodate a large database while maintaining ease of use.


Implemented Services

Complete Chain Online System facilitates the following services for the doctors: 

  • Apply for the Jordanian Board exam by creating an online account and filling his information in the electronic submission so that the committee can review it.
  • Obtain certificates through the account and Complete Chain continue the procedures on their behalf.
  • Offer logistics services for the doctors such as hotel booking, pick up delivery, and flight reservation.
  • Check/view his financial receipts and committee decision on electronic submissions.


Complete Chain System Features

  • Receive application forms electronically and download documents through the computer. 
  • Increasing the speed of evaluation of the application submitted by the doctor.
  • Archive the doctor's profile electronically with all the required documents. 
  • Provide the doctor with a secret number of his own, allowing him/her to access his/her account on the site at any time.
  • Communication service via email or chat.
  • The system's clock is integrated with a communication system that reminds the user about the approach of an exam or the availability of a training course.
  • A payment gateway.
  • An optimized database to ensure the system can save a huge amount of data and retrieve it fast.
  • The ability to evaluate the documents submitted by the doctor on his/her account and ensure the completion of the doctor's file.