Jordan El3ez

Jordan El3ez

From King Abdullah I, the founder, to King Abdullah II, the journey continues despite the challenges during 100 years of rule over the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The success story of the Jordanians and the Hashemite leadership embodied in building a national model to be emulated, and its people became an example of Arab identity, humanity, and national unity
Complete Chain was honored and devoted to accomplishing what conveys the history of the Hashemite kingdom by transforming it into a website that tells many stories throughout history.


What We Did

Complete Chain was selected as a long-standing company in Drupal web development solutions to analyze and serve Jordan El 3ez expectations in designing, programming, and developing an informative website to meet their objectives and requirements. Zohrab, the photographer of the late King Hussein bin Talal, may God have mercy on him, chose us to convey his vision and dream to the virtual world by creating a website that transmits to us the events of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as told by history from the Emirate of Transjordan to the era of King Abdullah bin Hussein II.

Implemented Services

We accomplished the following services:
• Research & Analysis.
• Content Support & Strategy.
• Quality Assurance.
• Visual Web & Responsive Design.
• Web Design Extension & Guideline.
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
• Social & Multimedia Integration.
• Hosting Infrastructure Setup.
• Quality Control.
• Maintenance & Ongoing Support.
• Security Assurance.
• Monitoring.
• Content writing.

Amman, Jordan
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