Roots Scientific Establishment (RSE)

Roots Scientific Establishment (RSE)

Roots Scientific Establishment (RSE) is a Saudi-based company specialized in supplying, calibrating, and servicing laboratory equipment as well as process Instrumentation for a variety of Industries.

As a Sole Distributor for the Saudi Market Place, RSE represents several Internationally known manufacturers; all products are known for high quality, durability, and accuracy. Their sales and customer service team is composed of sales specialists and factory-certified service engineers all within a program of continuous training and self-development to reach a higher caliper and render adequate customer support.

With a team covering all Saudi regions they supply equipment and instrumentation to Laboratories and Industries in multiple categories such as Foods and Feeds, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Paint, Mining, Polymers, Oil and Petrochemical Industries. They also serve certain sectors of Academic, Agriculture, and Testing Labs.

Billing Portal:


What We Did

The complete chain has created An Online Billing & Accounting application where it was made possible to add a limitless numbers of products, clients and suppliers as well as create invoices and purchase orders.

The system was developed specifically to serve RSE needs. Its also offers tools to sort, filter and present data. In addition to security features and customizable financial reporting. RSE was built using Drupal, which allowed the site to adapt to any changes or new requirements and meet RSE’s Expectations.

Implemented Services

  • Research & Analysis.
  • Content Support & Strategy.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Visual Web & Responsive Design.
  • Web Design Extension & Guideline.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Social & Multimedia Integration.
  • Hosting Infrastructure Setup.
  • Quality Control.
  • Maintenance & On-going Support.
  • Security Assurance.
  • Monitoring.