Heimdal Security 

Heimdal security

Heimdal is proactive and multi-layered security for your business to prevent next-gen malware, ransomware and other enterprise threats.

Why Heimdal security?

  • Proactive and reactive security in one package for leading-edge endpoint protection 
  • The synergy of preventing the unknown and catching the known 
  • Unparalleled vulnerability management and automated patch deployment 


Proactive Approach for Heimdal Security 

  • The embedded Darklayer GUARD brings unique traffic filtering to prevent endpoint compromise, block malicious internet traffic, and eliminates the risk of data exfiltration.
  • The proprietary VectorN Detection™ brings advanced, machine learning-powered detection of sophisticated threats at the traffic layer in order to prevent and mitigate attacks.
  • Smooth policy deployment provided through X-Ploit Resilience will automatically eliminate security holes in third-party software.

Reactive Protection for Heimdal Security 

  • Uses traditional local scanning and cloud scanning, sandboxing and process modification behavioral detection for a fully-fledged detection solution.
  • Low-impact endpoint protection including signature based and generic detection, heuristics analysis & more.
  • Enhances classical signatures, behavioral analysis and advanced heuristics with Applied Artificial Intelligence to combat Zero-Day, Advanced Persistent Threats and ransomware attacks.