It’s a beautiful day. Warm rays and a light breeze. You’re waiting at the door of the theater for your sweetheart with a red flower. She arrives, you greet her, give her the flower and she smiles. You both go inside the theater as the play is about to start. The play is going to be a modern adaptation of S… Read More

Simply Web design is the visual look of a website and the functionality from a user’s perspective and after the analysis stage of customer behavior, Web designers often work within design software’s to create visually appealing user experiences. then hand those designs off to developers. W… Read More

“When someone says you’ve changed, say yes. I recently have updated my version”. 

On October/29, Drupal has announced the beginning of the Alpha1 phase for the 9.3.0 version of Drupal. Usually, the goal for the Alpha phase is to begin the preparations of the minor… Read More

Richard Clarke once said, “If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked”. In an ever-changing, fast-paced field such as Information Technology, security and privacy have become the main concern. After all, it seems that if you give your data to any company, they either sell it, leak… Read More

Social Media is not only FACEBOOK. 

Gone for minutes, out for hours

Once we agreed and signed up to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp terms and conditions we trusted and we shared our personal and financial information, after more than 6 hou… Read More