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If there’s one thing we learned from Star Trek: Nemesis, it’s always to remember to back up your Data *I’m not crying.. You ARE!*. After all, the sacrifice of Data (God rest his codes) saved Captain Picard and the Enterprise. However, this scene was also a wake-up call for individuals and businesses alike; wh… Read More
Social Media is not only FACEBOOK.  Gone for minutes, out for hours Once we agreed and signed up to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp terms and conditions we trusted and we shared our personal and financial information, after more than 6 hours of Facebook outage, the question is ((Can we trust them again!!)),… Read More
One Cloud to rule them all.. One Cloud to find them. One Cloud to Sync them all.. and in the IPv6 bind them. ~Cloudius, The Lord of the Things~ In the age of technology, it’s all about rapid changes. 30 years ago, we didn’t have internet. 20 years ago, the fastest internet connection (available for people) wa… Read More
As we faced a huge change on all the social media platforms; we went from waiting for a new like and then thank all likers for dropping by our profile, to start Marketing, Selling, Running, Initiating, building businesses, start gaining revenues, and counting money!  As we are preparing ourselves for our upco… Read More
Mirror mirror on the wall, stuck in their houses, who got them all? Covid 19; the evil stepmother. It has taken over the land; frightening the children, killing the old, and spreading horror. We were forced to stay home and away from our loved ones. *Play I need a hero by Bonnie Tyler* But as Albus Dumbledore… Read More