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The well-known proverb says “A single image can be worth a thousand words”, and that is undoubtedly true. On the other hand, the image size can be larger than the text size, since a single image can contain a large number of pixels unlike text. 3 Seconds Website Load Time? How Can You Achieve It! In this arti… Read More
On the international level, there are many well-known global brands that rely on one CMS: take for example Tesla, BBC, the US government or NASDAQ. All of these corporations and organizations have their own business objectives but the end goals of these large corporations are remarkably similar: they all nee… Read More
Whether you are creating a new website or you are part of a web development company, it’s essential for your success to get familiar with what the most requested features in any website are, you don’t need to include all of them of course! Because your new website or your client’s website might need some of t… Read More
As the majority of you may know that Drupal 8 is built on symfony web application framework as it is an MVC framework. In this article we will be talking about creating a “Custom Module” in Drupal 8. MVC is an architectural pattern used for development and it allows components to be separated into different l… Read More
Design, just like every other modern industry, is becoming more diverse and specialized day by day, this means that “Good Generalist Designer” is becoming an obsolete and almost inapplicable concept. Web Design, Ui, and UX: What is What? Today, in order to cope with the insanely fast-growing number of technol… Read More