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Let’s start with identifying the SEO; Search engine optimization which is simply How easy you can find your website through search engines, then it comes a lot of main factors playing a main role of enhancing the rank and search results such as:  Site Loading Speed:  Speed is now a landing page factor for Go… Read More
It’s a beautiful day. Warm rays and a light breeze. You’re waiting at the door of the theater for your sweetheart with a red flower. She arrives, you greet her, give her the flower and she smiles. You both go inside the theater as the play is about to start. The play is going to be a modern adaptation of Shak… Read More
Simply Web design is the visual look of a website and the functionality from a user’s perspective and after the analysis stage of customer behavior, Web designers often work within design software’s to create visually appealing user experiences. then hand those designs off to developers. Web application and w… Read More
All code is guilty until proven innocent. Or at least, that’s what the Quality Assurance department (QA) at your company has told you (They’re right you know). Be it a new feature that was introduced to your system or an unintentional human error, bugs are meant to occur. And it falls down to the QA Engineer… Read More
10 minutes before you fall asleep, your mind begins to ask the weirdest of questions; Why am I alive? How’s the future going to be? Will my smart fridge tell my mother about my chocolate addiction? Well, I hate to break it to you mate but it’s not your fridge, fridges can’t talk. It’s rather your ex-girlfrien… Read More