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Mirror mirror on the wall, stuck in their houses, who got them all? Covid 19; the evil stepmother. It has taken over the land; frightening the children, killing the old, and spreading horror. We were forced to stay home and away from our loved ones. *Play I need a hero by Bonnie Tyler* But as Albus Dumbledore… Read More
Every website owner (individuals and enterprises alike) aspires to be among the first results in search engines. This ensures your website’s reach to more people which reflects on the number of leads you generate. While the cyber net is full of websites, what could make your website stands above all? The answ… Read More
Raymond Loewy (the French-American industrial designer) once said: “The main goal is not to complicate the already difficult life of the consumer”. (Merci beaucoup Ray, life is already hard as it is *Sniffle.. Sniffle*) With the release of Drupal 9, many features were introduced. If you haven’t checked them o… Read More
During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of our habits have changed. For example, the eternal and most sacred practice of holding your wife’s hand in a mall has changed. It sounded romantic at the time but it was purely economic. Not to forget about social distancing. Now that the world is heading towards online sh… Read More
When a character dies on entertainment TV, there are multiple scenarios for what might happen to the dead body. Sam & Dean Winchester from Supernatural choose to burn the body (we don’t want them resurrected; I repeat we don’t want them to be resurrected). How to Get Away with a Murder shows the strugglin… Read More